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Back in the early 1980's when Tammy, the youngest daughter, returned home after a year of living on her own she found her old bedroom had now become a hobby room where her mom, Joanne, was painting ceramics.

In 1983 Joanne decided to take the certification classes to be able to teach the art of ceramics on her own. She started teaching out of her basement. Soon the basement walls became stacked with shelves of green-ware and bisque. And soon the dream to open a store of her own began.

In 1990 Joanne and her husband Ken, decided to rent the old Rio Pharmacy and move her classes to town. Soon the store started to grow. Later that year they bought the Rio Hardware store and started building  a business of their own.

In 1995 her two oldest daughters, Darlene and Rose, became Duncan Certified to teach classes as well. Ken poured the molds as they cleaned, painted, stained, glazed and learned many new techniques making it more exciting all the time.

Joanne's three daughters each very talented in their own way would get together when ever possible to help make Creation's Ceramics and Gifts what it is today.

In 2005 we lost Joanne suddenly to a heart attack. It shook the family deeply.

It took no time at all to decide that the store could not close. Each time we came to the store it was as if she were close to us. Ken, newly retired wanted to continue as well. So while Ken poured the molds the oldest sisters worked together to re-open the store and keep their mothers dream alive. The youngest daughter Tammy, does her part in keeping the books and occasionally trying to paint.

The store is still open today!

We continue running Creation's Ceramics and Gifts in memory of our mother. Rose and Ken are at the store the majority of the time. The rest of us work outside, but help when we can.



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